Jan 27, 2010

President Lindsay's Mismanagement of the College

Under Don Moon, Shimer's President from 1977 to 2004, the College tripled its board size, tripled its student body, went from one to twelve buildings, started an innovative and successful weekend program, gained back its accreditation, increased donations from effectively nothing to hundreds of thousands of dollars per year, received several major private and public grants . . . and so on and so forth . . . and never did all this change upset the Shimer community like this. Never.

How, then, you ask, has Tom Lindsay created such controversy in such a short time? One word: Mismanagement.

Follow the link below and read the "Report" section for a thoroughly researched, objective account of President Lindsay's management failures leading to the current crisis. FYI: This document has been vetted by Shimer faculty and President Lindsay, himself. Great thanks to the Promulgates staff for this impressive document.