Jan 26, 2010

Shimer's Board of Trustees

Below you'll find links to bios of Lindsay and Shimer's current Board members. Where available, we've included links to their stated opinions about governance at Shimer.

Assumed trusteeship under Thomas K. Lindsay:
Thomas K. Lindsay
Matthew J. Franck - Letter on Shimer's Governance
Bob Chitester - Letter on Shimer's Governence
Carson Holloway - Letter on Shimer's Governance
Michael P. McDonald - Letter on Shimer's Governance
Claudia Allums - Letter on Shimer's Governance
F.H. Buckley
Kathleen McCreary
Joanne P. DiGennaro
Eric O'Keefe
Milton J. Rosenberg
Vinton A. "Bud" Vesta
Dennis Katz
William Escamilla

Assumed trusteeship under William Craig Rice/Ronald O. Champagne:
Christopher B. Nelson - Chair
Patrick J. Parker ('54) - Letter on Shimer's Governance
Joseph L. Bast
Charles A. Lang
John Marienau
Shirley A. Conibear ('68)
Mary Lou Kennedy ('74) - Secretary

Assumed trusteeship under Don Moon:
Rebecca A. Sundin ('99)
Edward W. Walbridge ('56)
Peter William Schroth ('66)
Christopher English ('72)
Barry J. Carroll ('66)
Phil Farina ('73)
Sally Brown ('65) - Vice Chair
Edie Barschi ('75)
Daniel Shiner ('77)

Curent Faculty Trustees:
Albert Bades Fernandez
Steven J. Werlin

Current Student Trustees:
Heath Iverson ('10)
Robert H. Carpenter ('11)
Katy Martin Seaver ('12)

Emeritus Members
Ralph Wendell Conant
Edward J. Noonan