May 27, 2010

Report on the May 27 '10 meeting of the Board of Trustees

From Albert Fernandez:

At today's meeting of the Board of Trustees:

1. A lawsuit was served by attorneys representing Thomas Lindsay and Patrick Parker, who have jointly filed suit against Shimer College, the Shimer Board of Trustees, and against Christopher Nelson, Albert Fernandez, Steven Werlin, Dan Shiner, and Ed Noonan as named defendants. Their aim, according to Parker, is to reverse the removal of Tom Lindsay. (At least as of now, I am not very worried about this lawsuit.)

2. Chris Nelson has been re-elected Chair of the Board.

3. Barry Carroll, Mary Lou Kennedy, and Patrick Parker have not been re-elected to the Board.

4. Marc Hoffman becomes a member of the Board by virtue of position as Assistant Treasurer.

5. Seven Trustees voted against awarding degrees to the May ’10 graduates.

6. There were several heated exchanges.

7. It was reported that the Chicago Tribune has already or will soon be releasing a story on the lawsuit.