Sep 27, 2010

Board of Trustees inducts seven new members

At an unannounced meeting of the Board of Trustees
held today, September 27, seven Trustees were inducted into the
Board. The newly elected or reinstated Trustees are Barry Carroll,
Katherine Chappell, Mary Lou Kennedy, Robert Keohane, Peter Hanig,
Sandra Hockenbury, and Linda Levy. The motion, which was to induct
the seven nominees as a single slate, carried by a vote of 16 in favor
and 10 opposed. All of the current internal Trustees took part in the
vote. At the request of Trustee Frank Buckley, it was noted in the
minutes that today's elections may be annulled if last month’s
amendment of the College Charter to allow election by simple majority
is successfully contested in litigation.

The new Trustees are familiar with the College's recent
and ongoing conflict and are expected to support Shimer's traditions
and constitutional practices, giving the "Constitutionalist" party an
ample majority on the Board from this point on. All of the newly
elected Trustees are alumni of the College. The absence from the slate
of Waukegan and recent alumni who were candidates last year but not
nominated at the time may be disappointing to some. It was explained
to me by a member of the Nominating Committee some time before today's meeting that priority was being given to candidates who would be able to provide substantial financial support to the College. Some of the new Trustees have already done so.

Albert B. Fernandez

Faculty Trustee

Speaker of the Assembly